About Me


Hi! I’m Fabian Bock, a software engineer, product guy, co-founder of Tirili and all-around creative thinker. I have a soft spot for healthcare and firmly believe that digital health, applied with the patient in mind together with their guidance and feedback, can help everyone find their best health. I have been programming since 2014, starting with Ruby on Rails. Since then I have found my sweet spots in JavaScript and Python. Here’s are the technologies I spend most of my time with:

  • > JavaScript incl. React JS, React Native
  • > Node.js incl. Express/Micro
  • > NOSQL/MongoDB/mongoose
  • > SQL/Postgres
  • > GraphQL/Apollo
  • > Python incl. Pandas/Numpy/Keras/SciPy/SciKitLearn/BeautifulSoup/OpenCV
  • > Deployment incl. AWS, Vercel, Heroku
  • > Security & Monitoring incl. TypeScript, CloudFlare
  • > API creation, authentication & validation incl. self-rolling systems
  • > Testing incl. Jest, Selenium etc.
  • > Unity incl. C# scripting

And to stay organized while working with all those things:

  • > Task Management: Jira, Trello, Confluence
  • > Product Roadmaps: Miro, ProductBoard, Aha!
  • > UI/UX Design: Figma, InVision, Adobe Photoshop
  • > Project Organization & Brainstorming: Airtable, WorkFlowy
  • > Analytics & A/B: Tableau, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Optimizely
  • > Communication: Slack, Discord
  • > 3D Modeling: Maya, Blender

My other big passion in life is the environment. I grew up along the mountains in Germany and Switzerland, a remarkable experience that has led to a lifelong appreciation of nature and sustainability…and of course skiing! And while Covid has reduced my personal travel footprint, I still enjoy heading to any National Park, beach or canyon that will have me.

Feel free to send me a note here, or check out some of my projects or snippets I am showcasing on the site. By the way, this website was made using Next.js and TypeScript.

Want to see a little more? Look at these interactive "Snippets" I've built to illustrate some aspects of coding:

Or, check Out My Projects: